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Слово "feline". Англо-русский словарь Мюллера

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  1. feline [ˈfi:ln]
    1. существительное, зоология — животное из семейства кошачьих

      Примеры использования

      1. and made them into peaceable felines.
        и он превращал их в миролюбивых животных.
        Субтитры видеоролика "Собаки в депрессии, кошки с ОКР — что безумие животных означает для людей. Laurel Braitman", стр. 7
    2. имя прилагательное
      1. зоология — кошачий

        Примеры использования

        1. Things were looking up; and when Beulah, my cat, a most intelligent animal, found some early catnip on a bank near the house and rolled in it in a feline ecstasy, I decided that getting back to nature was the thing to do.
          Дела пошли на поправку, а когда моя кошка Бьюла, чрезвычайно смышленое существо, обнаружила на газоне возле дома молодые заросли кошачьей мяты и начала кататься по траве в полном кошачьем восторге, я решила, что жизнь на природе — стоящая вещь.
          Винтовая лестница. Мэри Робертс Райнхарт, стр. 14
        2. And she was alone in the room with him after Michaela had departed, lovely, hale and statuesque, steaming and rippling with an irrepressible affectionate vitality even as she remained in one place and frowned at him irately. She stood like a youthful female colossus with her magnificent columnar legs apart on high white shoes with wedged heels, wearing a pretty green dress and swinging a large, flat white leather pocketbook, with which she cracked him hard across the face when he leaped out of bed to grab her. Yossarian staggered backward out of range in a daze, clutching his stinging cheek with bewilderment. ‘Pig!’ She spat out at him viciously, her nostrils flaring in a look of savage disdain. ‘Vive com’ un animale!’ With a fierce, guttural, scornful, disgusted oath, she strode across the room and threw open the three tall casement windows, letting inside an effulgent flood of sunlight and crisp fresh air that washed through the stuffy room like an invigorating tonic. She placed her pocketbook on a chair and began tidying the room, picking his things up from the floor and off the tops of the furniture, throwing his socks, handkerchief and underwear into an empty drawer of the dresser and hanging his shirt and trousers up in the closet. Yossarian ran out of the bedroom into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He washed his hands and face and combed his hair. When he ran back, the room was in order and Luciana was almost undressed. Her expression was relaxed. She left her earrings on the dresser and padded barefoot to the bed wearing just a pink rayon chemise that came down to her hips. She glanced about the room prudently to make certain there was nothing she had overlooked in the way of neatness and then drew back the coverlet and stretched herself out luxuriously with an expression of feline expectation. She beckoned to him longingly, with a husky laugh. ‘Now,’ she announced in a whisper, holding both arms out to him eagerly. ‘Now I will let you sleep with me.’ She told him some lies about a single weekend in bed with a slaughtered fiancé in the Italian Army, and they all turned out to be true, for she cried, ‘finito!’ almost as soon as he started and wondered why he didn’t stop, until he had finitoed too and explained to her. He lit cigarettes for both of them. She was enchanted by the deep suntan covering his whole body.
          Лючана вошла…
          Уловка-22. Джозеф Хеллер, стр. 162
      2. по-кошачьи хитрый или злобный;
        feline amenities шутливый; комический скрытые колкости

        Примеры использования

        1. She laughed silently, the corners of her mouth curving up in a feline cruel line.
          Она беззвучно засмеялась, уголки ее рта изогнулись в злобной и жестокой усмешке.
          И в трещинах зеркальный круг. Агата Кристи, стр. 157
        2. Human madness is oftentimes a cunning and most feline thing.
          Человеческое сумасшествие нередко оказывается по-кошачьи хитрым и коварным.
          Моби Дик, или Белый кит. Герман Мелвилл, стр. 197
        3. These impacts were soft, and stealthy, as of the paws of some feline.
          Звук шагов был мягким, по-кошачьи крадущимся.
          Зверь в пещере. Говард Филлипс Лавкрафт, стр. 3

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