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Still following the windings of the deserted streets, I reached what I at first supposed to be the end of the town.
Before me, for half a mile or more (as well as I could guess), rose a tract of meadow-land, with sheep dotted over it at intervals reposing for the night.
I advanced over the grass, and observed here and there, where the ground rose a little, some moldering fragments of brickwork.
Looking onward as I reached the middle of the meadow, I perceived on its further side, towering gaunt and black in the night, a lofty arch or gateway, without walls at its sides, without a neighboring building of any sort, far or near.
This (as I afterward learned) was one of the ancient gates of the city.
The walls, crumbling to ruin, had been destroyed as useless obstacles that cumbered the ground.
On the waste meadow-land round me had once stood the shops of the richest merchants, the palaces of the proudest nobles of North Holland.
I was actually standing on what had been formerly the wealthy quarter of Enkhuizen!
And what was left of it now?
A few mounds of broken bricks, a pasture-land of sweet-smelling grass, and a little flock of sheep sleeping.
The mere desolation of the view (apart altogether from its history) struck me with a feeling of horror.
My mind seemed to lose its balance in the dreadful stillness that was round me.
I felt unutterable forebodings of calamities to come.
For the first time, I repented having left England.
My thoughts turned regretfully to the woody shores of Greenwater Broad.
If I had only held to my resolution, I might have been at rest now in the deep waters of the lake.
For what had I lived and planned and traveled since I left Dermody's cottage?
Perhaps only to find that I had lost the woman whom I loved—now that I was in the same town with her!
Все еще следуя по извилинам пустынных улиц, я дошел до предполагаемого мной конца города.
Regaining the outer rows of houses still left standing, I looked about me, intending to return by the street which was known to me already.
Вернувшись к веренице домов, еще сохранившихся, я осмотрелся вокруг, намереваясь вернуться по той самой улице, по которой пришел.
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