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"And is this sort of thing true of your mathematics of the future?"
- И ваша математика подтверждает эти рассуждения?
Seldon hesitated, then went on.
Селдон некоторое время колебался, но потом продолжил:
"It might be that the mathematics would take too long to work out, even if one had a computer the size of the Universe working at hyperspatial velocities.
- Математикам потребуется для этого слишком большое время, даже если в их распоряжении будет Университетский компьютер с гиперпространственным быстродействием.
By the time any answer had been received, enough years would have elapsed to alter the situation so grossly as to make the answer meaningless."
"Why cannot the process be simplified?"
Cleon asked sharply.
"Your Imperial Majesty,"-Seldon felt the Emperor growing more formal as the answers grew less to his liking and responded with greater formality of his own, "consider the manner in which scientists have dealt with subatomic particles.
There are enormous numbers of these, each moving or vibrating in random and unpredictable manner, but this chaos turns out to have an underlying order, so that we can work out a quantum mechanics that answers all the questions we know how to ask.
In studying society, we place human beings in the place of subatomic particles, but now there is the added factor of the human mind.
Particles move mindlessly; human beings do not.
To take into account the various attitudes and impulses of mind adds so much complexity that there lacks time to take care of all of it."
"Could not mind, as well as mindless motion, have an underlying order?"
My mathematical analysis implies that order must underlie everything, however disorderly it may appear to be, but it does not give any hint as to how this underlying order may be found.
Consider-Twenty-five million worlds, each with its overall characteristics and culture, each being significantly different from all the rest, each containing a billion or more human beings who each have an individual mind, and all the worlds interacting in innumerable ways and combinations!
However theoretically possible a psychohistorical analysis may be, it is not likely that it can be done in any practical sense."
"What do you mean ‘psychohistorical’?"
"I refer to the theoretical assessment of probabilities concerning the future as ‘psychohistory.’ "
По прошествии этого времени любой научный результат потеряет ценность, поскольку прошедшее время внесет существенные изменения.
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