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There was a silence.
Наступила тишина.
"I've come in for my Will," said old Jolyon at last, tugging at his moustache.
- Я пришел относительно завещания, - сказал наконец старый Джолион, теребя кончики усов.
James' curiosity was roused at once.
Джемс сразу же заинтересовался.
Perhaps nothing in this life was more stimulating to him than a Will; it was the supreme deal with property, the final inventory of a man's belongings, the last word on what he was worth.
Кажется, ничто другое не могло так расшевелить его, как вопрос о завещании: завещание есть величайший акт, конечная опись имущества, последнее слово, определяющее цену человеку.
He sounded the bell.
Он позвонил.
"Bring in Mr. Jolyon's Will," he said to an anxious, dark-haired clerk.
- Принесите завещание мистера Джолиона, - сказал Джемс испуганному черноволосому клерку.
"You going to make some alterations?"
- Хочешь изменить что-нибудь?
And through his mind there flashed the thought:
И в голове у него пронеслась мысль:
'Now, am I worth as much as he?'
"Ну, кто же из вас богаче?"
Old Jolyon put the Will in his breast pocket, and James twisted his long legs regretfully.
Старый Джолион положил завещание в боковой карман, и Джемс с огорченным видом завозил под столом ногами.
"You've made some nice purchases lately, they tell me," he said.
- Говорят, ты сделал хорошие покупки за последнее время, - сказал он.
"I don't know where you get your information from," answered old Jolyon sharply.
- Не знаю, откуда у тебя такие сведения, - резко ответил старый Джолион.
"When's this action coming on?
- Когда суд?
Next month?
Через месяц?
I can't tell what you've got in your minds.
Не понимаю, зачем вы это затеваете!
You must manage your own affairs; but if you take my advice, you'll settle it out of Court.
Дело ваше, конечно, но я бы советовал не доводить до суда.
Всего хорошего!
With a cold handshake he was gone.
Холодно пожав Джемсу руку, он вышел.
James, his fixed grey-blue eye corkscrewing round some secret anxious image, began again to bite his finger.
Джемс уставился в одну точку, словно впиваясь своими серо-голубыми глазами в чей-то смутный, тревожащий облик, и снова принялся грызть ногти.
Old Jolyon took his Will to the offices of the New Colliery Company, and sat down in the empty Board Room to read it through.
Старый Джолион зашел в контору
"Новой угольной"
Я, усевшись в пустом зале, перечел свое завещание.
He answered
'Down-by-the-starn' Hemmings so tartly when the latter, seeing his Chairman seated there, entered with the new Superintendent's first report, that the Secretary withdrew with regretful dignity; and sending for the transfer clerk, blew him up till the poor youth knew not where to look.
It was not—by George—as he (Down-by-the-starn) would have him know, for a whippersnapper of a young fellow like him, to come down to that office, and think that he was God Almighty.
He (Down-by-the-starn) had been head of that office for more years than a boy like him could count, and if he thought that when he had finished all his work, he could sit there doing nothing, he did not know him, Hemmings (Down-by-the-starn), and so forth.
On the other side of the green baize door old Jolyon sat at the long, mahogany-and-leather board table, his thick, loose-jointed, tortoiseshell eye-glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, his gold pencil moving down the clauses of his Will.
It was a simple affair, for there were none of those vexatious little legacies and donations to charities, which fritter away a man's possessions, and damage the majestic effect of that little paragraph in the morning papers accorded to Forsytes who die with a hundred thousand pounds.
A simple affair.
Just a bequest to his son of twenty thousand, and 'as to the residue of my property of whatsoever kind whether realty or personalty, or partaking of the nature of either—upon trust to pay the proceeds rents annual produce dividends or interest thereof and thereon to my said grand-daughter June Forsyte or her assigns during her life to be for her sole use and benefit and without, etc... and from and after her death or decease upon trust to convey assign transfer or make over the said last-mentioned lands hereditaments premises trust moneys stocks funds investments and securities or such as shall then stand for and represent the same unto such person or persons whether one or more for such intents purposes and uses and generally in such manner way and form in all respects as the said June Forsyte notwithstanding coverture shall by her last Will and Testament or any writing or writings in the nature of a Will testament or testamentary disposition to be by her duly made signed and published direct appoint or make over give and dispose of the same And in default etc....
Provided always...' and so on, in seven folios of brief and simple phraseology.
Он так сердито огрызнулся на Хэммингса-Похоронное бюро, который решил показать ему первый отчет нового управляюемь больших листов, заполненных выразительной и простой терминологией.
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