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  1. ram [ræm]
    1. существительное
      1. баран

        Примеры использования

        1. This invincible force, which defies Nature’s two most violent forces, iron and fire, can be broken by ram’s blood.
          Невидимая сила, бросающая вызов двум высшим силам Природы – железу и огню, – может быть покорена с помощью бараньей крови.
          Интриганка. Сидни Шелдон, стр. 1
        2. This is a ram.
          Это большой баран.
          Маленький принц. Антуан де Сент-Экзюпери, стр. 4
        3. ‘Who’s they?’ Dunbar demanded suspiciously. In a bed in the small private section at the end of the ward, always working ceaselessly behind the green plyboard partition, was the solemn middle-aged colonel who was visited every day by a gentle, sweet-faced woman with curly ash-blond hair who was not a nurse and not a Wac and not a Red Cross girl but who nevertheless appeared faithfully at the hospital in Pianosa each afternoon wearing pretty pastel summer dresses that were very smart and white leather pumps with heels half high at the base of nylon seams that were inevitably straight. The colonel was in Communications, and he was kept busy day and night transmitting glutinous messages from the interior into square pads of gauze which he sealed meticulously and delivered to a covered white pail that stood on the night table beside his bed. The colonel was gorgeous. He had a cavernous mouth, cavernous cheeks, cavernous, sad, mildewed eyes. His face was the color of clouded silver. He coughed quietly, gingerly, and dabbed the pads slowly at his lips with a distaste that had become automatic. The colonel dwelt in a vortex of specialists who were still specializing in trying to determine what was troubling him. They hurled lights in his eyes to see if he could see, rammed needles into nerves to hear if he could feel. There was a urologist for his urine, a lymphologist for his lymph, an endocrinologist for his endocrines, a psychologist for his psyche, a dermatologist for his derma; there was a pathologist for his pathos, a cystologist for his cysts, and a bald and pedantic cetologist from the zoology department at Harvard who had been shanghaied ruthlessly into the Medical Corps by a faulty anode in an I.B.M. machine and spent his sessions with the dying colonel trying to discuss Moby Dick with him. The colonel had really been investigated. There was not an organ of his body that had not been drugged and derogated, dusted and dredged, fingered and photographed, removed, plundered and replaced. Neat, slender and erect, the woman touched him often as she sat by his bedside and was the epitome of stately sorrow each time she smiled. The colonel was tall, thin and stooped. When he rose to walk, he bent forward even more, making a deep cavity of his body, and placed his feet down very carefully, moving ahead by inches from the knees down. There were violet pools under his eyes. The woman spoke softly, softer than the colonel coughed, and none of the men in the ward ever heard her voice.
          — Кто это ему предоставит? — подозрительно переспросил Данбэр.
          Уловка-22. Джозеф Хеллер, стр. 9
      2. (the R.) Овен (созвездие и знак зодиака)
      3. авиация — таран
      4. техника; технология — баба (молота); гидравлический таран
      5. металлургия — коксовыталкиватель

        Примеры использования

        1. - Try ramming the door. - Wait here. Follow me.
          ...Пытался протаранить дверь. - Подожди здесь. Идёмте со мной.
          Субтитры фильма "Вспомнить всё / Total Recall (1990-06-01)", стр. 13
      6. техника; технология — ползун, плунжер
      7. подъёмник, силовой цилиндр
    2. глагол
      1. таранить

        Примеры использования

        1. Waiting until the last possible moment, Tolland braced himself and rammed the lever back up, locking the anchor spool.
          В самый последний момент Толланд собрал все силы и дернул рычаг замка в обратном направлении, запирая катушку.
          Точка обмана. Дэн Браун, стр. 376
        2. What made him ram the wall just where he did I can’t imagine, if he was sober at the time.”
          Будь он трезвым, зачем ему врезаться в стену?
          Трагедия в трех актах. Агата Кристи, стр. 46
        3. and started deliberately ramming a hole in the side of Doaa's boat,
          и стали таранить судно, в котором находилась Доаа, —
          Субтитры видеоролика "Судно с 500 беженцами затонуло в море. История двух выживших. Melissa Fleming", стр. 2
      2. забивать, вколачивать; втискивать;
        to ram into smb. вбивать кому-л. в голову;
        to ram it home убедить, доказать

        Примеры использования

        1. At regular intervals we ram in the iron stakes.
          Мы забиваем железные колья в землю, на равном расстоянии друг от друга.
          На Западном фронте без перемен. Эрих Мария Ремарк, стр. 36
        2. The shark's head was out of water and his back was coming out and the old man could hear the noise of skin and flesh ripping on the big fish when he rammed the harpoon down onto the shark's head at a spot where the line between his eyes intersected with the line that ran straight back from his nose.
          Голова акулы возвышалась над водой, вслед за головой показалась и спина, и старик, слыша, как акульи челюсти с шумом раздирают кожу и мясо большой рыбы, всадил свой гарпун ей в голову в том месте, где линия, соединяющая ее глаза, перекрещивается с линией, уходящей вверх от ее носа.
          Старик и море. Эрнест Хемингуэй, стр. 61
        3. Stir a whisker, Lungri, and I ram the Red Flower down thy gullet!"
          Пошевели хоть усом, и Красный Цветок попадёт тебе в глотку.
          Маугли. Редьярд Джозеф Киплинг, стр. 20
      3. трамбовать, утрамбовывать

        Примеры использования

        1. Stir a whisker, Lungri, and I ram the Red Flower down thy gullet!"
          Пошевели хоть усом, и Красный Цветок попадёт тебе в глотку.
          Маугли. Редьярд Джозеф Киплинг, стр. 20
        2. He loaded it, and rammed home the loading with his thumb-end; but hardly had he ignited his match across the rough sandpaper of his hand, when Tashtego, his harpooneer, whose eyes had been setting to windward like two fixed stars, suddenly dropped like light from his erect attitude to his seat, crying out in a quick phrensy of hurry,
          Он набил ее и умял табак концом большого пальца, но только успел зажечь спичку, чиркнув по своей грубой, словно наждак, ладони, как гарпунщик Тэштиго, чьи глаза, точно две неподвижные звезды, были обращены по ветру, внезапно молнией метнулся к своей банке, крича в торопливом безумии спешки:
          Моби Дик, или Белый кит. Герман Мелвилл, стр. 235
        3. After I ram you in the ankles.
          А я тебе ноги отдавлю.
          Субтитры фильма "Сумерки / Twilight (2008-11-20)", стр. 1

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