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He was pretty pleased with himself until he looked up in the dining room of the Red Cross building and found himself eating breakfast with dozens and dozens of other servicemen in all kinds of fantastic uniforms, and then all at once he was surrounded by images of Luciana getting out of her clothes and into her clothes and caressing and haranguing him tempestuously in the pink rayon chemise she wore in bed with him and would not take off.
Yossarian choked on his toast and eggs at the enormity of his error in tearing her long, lithe, nude, young vibrant limbs into any pieces of paper so impudently and dumping her down so smugly into the gutter from the curb.
Он был весьма доволен собой, покуда не заглянул в столовую Красного Креста, где принялся за бифштекс, сидя рядом с другими военнослужащими, щеголявшими военной формой самых немыслимых цветов и покроев.
И тут внезапно на него нахлынули мысли о Лючане.
He missed her terribly already.
Сейчас он безумно скучал по ней.
There were so many strident faceless people in uniform in the dining room with him.
Вокруг него в столовой сидели грубые безликие люди в военной форме.
He felt an urgent desire to be alone with her again soon and sprang up impetuously from his table and went running outside and back down the street toward the apartment in search of the tiny bits of paper in the gutter, but they had all been flushed away by a street cleaner’s hose.
Он почувствовал непреодолимое желание снова очутиться с ней наедине и стремглав выскочил из-за стала.
Он выбежал на улицу, намереваясь отыскать в водосточной канаве клочки бумаги, но дворник, поливавший из шланга мостовую, давно смыл их.
He couldn’t find her again in the Allied officers’ night club that evening or in the sweltering, burnished, hedonistic bedlam of the black-market restaurant with its vast bobbing wooden trays of elegant food and its chirping flock of bright and lovely girls.
Йоссариану не удалось найти Лючану и вечером — ни в ночном клубе для офицеров союзных армий, ни в душном шикарном ресторане, где под стук деревянных подносов с изысканными блюдами и под щебетание яркой стайки очаровательных девиц резвились прожигатели жизни.
He couldn’t even find the restaurant.
Йоссариан не мог даже найти тот ресторан, где встретился с Лючаной.
When he went to bed alone, he dodged flak over Bologna again in a dream, with Aarfy hanging over his shoulder abominably in the plane with a bloated sordid leer.
Он лег в постель и во сне снова уходил от зенитного огня, и Аарфи снова подло крутился около него, бросая недобрые взгляды.
In the morning he ran looking for Luciana in all the French offices he could find, but nobody knew what he was talking about, and then he ran in terror, so jumpy, distraught and disorganized that he just had to keep running in terror somewhere, to the enlisted men’s apartment for the squat maid in the lime-colored panties, whom he found dusting in Snowden’s room on the fifth floor in her drab brown sweater and heavy dark skirt.
Snowden was still alive then, and Yossarian could tell it was Snowden’s room from the name stenciled in white on the blue duffel bag he tripped over as he plunged through the doorway at her in a frenzy of creative desperation.
The woman caught him by the wrists before he could fall as he came stumbling toward her in need and pulled him along down on top of her as she flopped over backward onto the bed and enveloped him hospitably in her flaccid and consoling embrace, her dust mop aloft in her hand like a banner as her broad, brutish congenial face gazed up at him fondly with a smile of unperjured friendship.
There was a sharp elastic snap as she rolled the lime-colored panties off beneath them both without disturbing him.
He stuffed money into her hand when they were finished.
She hugged him in gratitude.
He hugged her.
She hugged him back and then pulled him down on top of her on the bed again.
He stuffed more money into her hand when they were finished this time and ran out of the room before she could begin hugging him in gratitude again.
Утром он отправился искать Лючану.
Он был готов обойти все французские конторы в любом конце города.
Но никто из прохожих не понимал, о чем он спрашивает, и тогда он в ужасе побежал куда глаза глядят.
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