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Actually, there was not much he could do with that powerful machine gun except load it and test-fire a few rounds.
На самом же деле он и тяжелым пулеметом мало что мог бы сделать — разве зарядить его и дать несколько пробных очередей.
It was no more use to him than the bombsight.
Проку от пулемета было не больше, чем от бомбового прицела.
He could really cut loose with it against attacking German fighters, but there were no German fighters any more, and he could not even swing it all the way around into the helpless faces of pilots like Huple and Dobbs and order them back down carefully to the ground, as he had once ordered Kid Sampson back down, which is exactly what he did want to do to Dobbs and Huple on the hideous first mission to Avignon the moment he realized the fantastic pickle he was in, the moment he found himself aloft in a wing plane with Dobbs and Huple in a flight headed by Havermeyer and Appleby.
Он мог бы разрядить обойму в немецкие истребители, но немецкие истребители больше не показывались.
Он не мог даже развернуть пулемет и наставить дуло в жалкие физиономии Хьюпла и Доббса, чтобы заставить их повернуть домой и бережно посадить самолет, как он это уже однажды проделал с Малышом Сэмпсоном.
Именно так он и хотел поступить с Доббсом и Хьюплом во время их жуткого первого налета на Авиньон в тот момент, когда понял, в какой фантастический переплет попал; он находился тогда в ведомом самолете с Доббсом и Хьюплом, а звено вели Хэвермейер и Эпплби.
Dobbs and Huple?
Huple and Dobbs?
Who were they?
Доббс и Хьюпл, Хьюпл и Доббс — да кто они вообще такие?
What preposterous madness to float in thin air two miles high on an inch or two of metal, sustained from death by the meager skill and intelligence of two vapid strangers, a beardless kid named Huple and a nervous nut like Dobbs, who really did go nuts right there in the plane, running amuck over the target without leaving his copilot’s seat and grabbing the controls from Huple to plunge them all down into that chilling dive that tore Yossarian’s headset loose and brought them right back inside the dense flak from which they had almost escaped.
The next thing he knew, another stranger, a radio-gunner named Snowden, was dying in back.
It was impossible to be positive that Dobbs had killed him, for when Yossarian plugged his headset back in, Dobbs was already on the intercom pleading for someone to go up front and help the bombardier.
And almost immediately Snowden broke in, whimpering,
‘Help me.
Please help me.
I’m cold.
I’m cold.’
And Yossarian crawled slowly out of the nose and up on top of the bomb bay and wriggled back into the rear section of the plane—passing the first-aid kit on the way that he had to return for—to treat Snowden for the wrong wound, the yawning, raw, melon-shaped hole as big as a football in the outside of his thigh, the unsevered, blood-soaked muscle fibers inside pulsating weirdly like blind things with lives of their own, the oval, naked wound that was almost a foot long and made Yossarian moan in shock and sympathy the instant he spied it and nearly made him vomit.
And the small, slight tail-gunner was lying on the floor beside Snowden in a dead faint, his face as white as a handkerchief, so that Yossarian sprang forward with revulsion to help him first.
Какая дикость — нестись в воздухе на высоте двух миль, когда от смерти тебя прикрывают всего лишь один-два дюйма металла и судьба твоя вверена двум неумелым, скудоумным, жалким и совершенно чужим тебе людям, таким как безусый сопляк Хьюпл и психопат Доббс.
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