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She was nearly as tall as Yossarian, and for a few fantastic, terror-filled moments he was certain she would overpower him in her crazed determination, crush him to the ground and rip him apart mercilessly limb from limb for some heinous crime he had never committed.
Ростом она была примерно с Йоссариана, и в течение нескольких жутких мгновений он был уверен, что она со своей безумной решимостью одолеет его, собьет на пол и безжалостно растерзает на части, — и все за какое-то гнусное преступление, которого он не совершал.
He wanted to yell for help as they strove against each other frantically in a grunting, panting stalemate, arm against arm.
Ему хотелось кричать о помощи.
At last she weakened, and he was able to force her back and plead with her to let him talk, swearing to her that Nately’s death had not been his fault.
Наконец она ослабела и слегка попятилась.
Воспользовавшись передышкой, Йоссариан принялся клясться, что вовсе не повинен в смерти Нейтли.
She spat in his face again, and he pushed her away hard in disgusted anger and frustration.
She hurled herself down toward the potato peeler the instant he released her.
He flung himself down after her, and they rolled over each other on the floor several times before he could tear the potato peeler away.
She tried to trip him with her hand as he scrambled to his feet and scratched an excruciating chunk out of his ankle.
He hopped across the room in pain and threw the potato peeler out the window.
He heaved a huge sigh of relief once he saw he was safe.
‘Now, please let me explain something to you,’ he cajoled in a mature, reasoning, earnest voice.
She kicked him in the groin.
Whoosh! went the air out of him, and he sank down on his side with a shrill and ululating cry, doubled up over his knees in chaotic agony and retching for breath.
Nately’s whore ran from the room.
Yossarian staggered up to his feet not a moment too soon, for she came charging back in from the kitchen carrying a long bread knife.
A moan of incredulous dismay wafted from his lips as, still clutching his throbbing, tender, burning bowels in both hands, he dropped his full weight down against her shins and knocked her legs out from under her.
She flipped completely over his head and landed on the floor on her elbows with a jarring thud.
The knife skittered free, and he slapped it out of sight under the bed.
She tried to lunge after it, and he seized her by the arm and yanked her up.
She tried to kick him in the groin again, and he slung her away with a violent oath of his own.
She slammed into the wall off balance and smashed a chair over into a vanity table covered with combs, hairbrushes and cosmetic jars that all went crashing off.
A framed picture fell to the floor at the other end of the room, the glass front shattering.
Она снова плюнула ему в лицо, и он, охваченный злостью и отчаянием, брезгливо отпихнул ее.
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