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She spared him from doing either by bursting unpredictably into tears.
He was stunned again.
Неожиданно она ударилась в слезы и этим поставила Йоссариана в тупик.
This time she wept with no other emotion than grief, profound, debilitating, humble grief, forgetting all about him.
Her desolation was pathetic as she sat with her tempestuous, proud, lovely head bowed, her shoulders sagging, her spirit melting.
This time there was no mistaking her anguish.
А она плакала от горя, глубокого горя, обессилевшая, покорная, вовсе позабывшая о Йоссариане.
Трогательная в своем несчастье, она сидела, низко опустив красивую, гордую, забубенную голову.
Плечи ее обмякли, ярость улетучилась.
Страдание ее было неподдельным.
Great racking sobs choked and shook her.
Громкие, мучительные рыдания душили и сотрясали ее.
She was no longer aware of him, no longer cared.
Она перестала замечать его, он ее больше не интересовал.
He could have walked from the room safely then.
Теперь он мог уйти без всякого риска.
But he chose to remain and console and help her.
Но он предпочел остаться, чтобы утешить, ее и поддержать.
‘Please,’ he urged her inarticulately with his arm about her shoulders, recollecting with pained sadness how inarticulate and enfeebled he had felt in the plane coming back from Avignon when Snowden kept whimpering to him that he was cold, he was cold, and all Yossarian could offer him in return was
‘There, there.
There, there.’
‘Please,’ he repeated to her sympathetically.
‘Please, please.’
— Ну пожалуйста, ну не надо, — беспомощно бормотал он, обняв ее за плечи и вспоминая с тоской и болью, каким беспомощным и слабым он чувствовал себя в самолете, когда они возвращались после налета на Авиньон и Сноуден хныкал: „Мне холодно, мне холодно“, а Йоссариан отвечал: „Ну, ну, не надо, ну, ну“.
И это было все, что он мог тогда придумать.
Вот и теперь, когда надо было ей посочувствовать, он только твердил: „Ну пожалуйста, прошу тебя, ну не надо“.
She rested against him and cried until she seemed too weak to cry any longer, and did not look at him once until he extended his handkerchief when she had finished.
She wiped her cheeks with a tiny, polite smile and gave the handkerchief back, murmuring
‘Grazie, grazie’ with meek, maidenly propriety, and then, without any warning whatsoever of a change in mood, clawed suddenly at his eyes with both hands.
She landed with each and let out a victorious shriek.
Assassino!’ she hooted, and raced joyously across the room for the bread knife to finish him off.
Она прислонилась к нему и лила слезы до тех пор, пока не обессилела настолько, что больше не могла плакать.
Он вынул из кармана носовой платок, и тут она вдруг вцепилась ему в глаза обеими руками и испустила победоносный вопль.
Half blinded, he rose and stumbled after her.
A noise behind him made him turn.
His senses reeled in horror at what he saw.
Nately’s whore’s kid sister, of all people, was coming after him with another long bread knife!
‘Oh, no,’ he wailed with a shudder, and he knocked the knife out of her hand with a sharp downward blow on her wrist.
He lost patience entirely with the whole grotesque and incomprehensible melee.
There was no telling who might lunge at him next through the doorway with another long bread knife, and he lifted Nately’s whore’s kid sister off the floor, threw her at Nately’s whore and ran out of the room, out of the apartment and down the stairs.
The two girls chased out into the hall after him.
He heard their footsteps lag farther and farther behind as he fled and then cease altogether.
He heard sobbing directly overhead.
Glancing backward up the stair well, he spied Nately’s whore sitting in a heap on one of the steps, weeping with her face in both hands, while her pagan, irrepressible kid sister hung dangerously over the banister shouting
Bruto!’ down at him happily and brandished her bread knife at him as though it were an exciting new toy she was eager to use.
Йоссариан, полуослепший, бросился вон из дома.
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