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A throbbing chill oozed up his legs.
Озноб струйками поднимался по ногам.
He was cold, and he thought of Snowden, who had never been his pal but was a vaguely familiar kid who was badly wounded and freezing to death in the puddle of harsh yellow sunlight splashing into his face through the side gunport when Yossarian crawled into the rear section of the plane over the bomb bay after Dobbs had beseeched him on the intercom to help the gunner, please help the gunner.
Yossarian’s stomach turned over when his eyes first beheld the macabre scene; he was absolutely revolted, and he paused in fright a few moments before descending, crouched on his hands and knees in the narrow tunnel over the bomb bay beside the sealed corrugated carton containing the first-aid kit.
Snowden was lying on his back on the floor with his legs stretched out, still burdened cumbersomely by his flak suit, his flak helmet, his parachute harness and his Mae West.
Not far away on the floor lay the small tail-gunner in a dead faint.
Йоссариану стало холодно.
Он вспомнил Сноудена: они не дружили, он едва знаком был с этим парнишкой.
Тяжело раненный, Сноуден коченел и все время жаловался, что ему холодно.
The wound Yossarian saw was in the outside of Snowden’s thigh, as large and deep as a football, it seemed.
It was impossible to tell where the shreds of his saturated coveralls ended and the ragged flesh began.
На бедре Сноудена Йоссариан увидел глубокую рану величиной с мяч для рэгби.
There was no morphine in the first-aid kit, no protection for Snowden against pain but the numbing shock of the gaping wound itself.
В аптечке не нашлось морфия, чтобы унять боль, но морфия и не потребовалось, ибо разверстая рана повергла Сноудена в шоковое состояние.
The twelve syrettes of morphine had been stolen from their case and replaced by a cleanly lettered note that said:
‘What’s good for M & M Enterprises is good for the country.
Двенадцать ампул с морфием были украдены из санитарной сумки, вместо них красовалась аккуратная записочка, гласившая: „Что хорошо для фирмы „М, и М.“, то хорошо для родины.
Milo Minderbinder.’
Милоу Миндербиндер“.
Yossarian swore at Milo and held two aspirins out to ashen lips unable to receive them.
But first he hastily drew a tourniquet around Snowden’s thigh because he could not think what else to do in those first tumultuous moments when his senses were in turmoil, when he knew he must act competently at once and feared he might go to pieces completely.
Snowden watched him steadily, saying nothing.
No artery was spurting, but Yossarian pretended to absorb himself entirely into the fashioning of a tourniquet, because applying a tourniquet was something he did know how to do.
He worked with simulated skill and composure, feeling Snowden’s lack-luster gaze resting upon him.
Йоссариан про себя обложил Милоу последними словами и поднес две таблетки аспирина к пепельным губам Сноудена, но у того не хватило сил раскрыть рот.
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