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“Yes; and from that time God’s blessings have seemed to flow off our house like water off a duck’s back.
- И пропал, да!
С того года божья благостыня, как вода на плот, в дом нам потекла.
Take Varvara, for instance ”
Эх, Варвара...
“Now, Father, that will do!”
- А ты полно, отец...
“What do you mean That will do’?’ he asked, scowling at her angrily.
Он сердился, хмурился.
- Чего полно?
“Our children have turned out badly, whichever way you look at them.
Не удались дети-то, с коей стороны ни взгляни на них.
What has become of the vigor of our youth?
Куда сок-сила наша пошла?
We thought we were storing it up for ourselves in our children, as one might pack something away carefully in a basket; when, lo and behold, God changes it in our hands into a riddle without an answer!”
Мы с тобой думали - в лукошко кладём, а господь-от вложил в руки нам худое решето...
He ran about the room, uttering cries as if he had burned himself, and groaning as if he were ill; then turning on grandmother he began to abuse his children, shaking his small, withered fist at her threateningly as he cried:
Он вскрикивал и, точно обожженный, бегал по комнате, болезненно покрякивая, ругая детей, грозя бабушке маленьким сухим кулаком.
“And it is all your fault for giving in to them, and for taking their part, you old hag!”
- А все ты потакала им, татям, потатчица!
Ты, ведьма!
His grief and excitement culminated in a tearful howl as he threw himself on the floor before the icon, and beating his withered, hollow breast with all his force, cried:
В горестном возбуждении доходя до слезливого воя, совался в угол, к образам, бил с размаху в сухую, гулкую грудь:
“Lord, have I sinned more than others’?
- Господи, али я грешней других?
Why then?”
За что-о?
And he trembled from head to foot, and his eyes, wet with tears, glittered with resentment and animosity.
И весь дрожал, обиженно и злобно сверкая мокрыми, в слезах, глазами.
Grandmother, without speaking, crossed herself as she sat in her dark corner, and then, approaching him cautiously, said:
Бабушка, сидя в темноте, молча крестилась, потом, осторожно подойдя к нему, уговаривала:
“Now, why are you fretting like this?
- Ну, что уж ты растосковался так?
God knows what He is doing.
Господь знает, что делает.
You say that other people’s children are better than ours, but I assure you, Father, that you will find the same thing everywhere quarrels, and bickerings, and disturbances.
У многих ли дети лучше наших-то?
Везде, отец, одно и то же - споры, да распри, да томаша.
All parents wash away their sins with their tears; you are not the only one.”
Все отцы-матери грехи свои слезами омывают, не ты один...
Sometimes these words would pacify him, and he would begin to get ready for bed; then grandmother and I would steal away to our attic.
Иногда эти речи успокаивали его, он молча, устало валился в постель, а мы с бабушкой тихонько уходили к себе на чердак.
But once when she approached him with soothing speech, he turned on her swiftly, and with all his force dealt her a blow in the face with his fist.
Но однажды, когда она подошла к нему с ласковой речью, он быстро повернулся и с размаху хряско ударил её кулаком в лицо.
Grandmother reeled, and almost lost her balance, but she managed to steady herself, and putting her hand to her lips, said quietly:
Бабушка отшатнулась, покачалась на ногах, приложив руку к губам, окрепла и сказала негромко, спокойно:
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