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"Oh, no! Please don't kill me! Oh, no!"
That's actually a good impression.
- "Ой, не убивайте меня. О, нет!"
- Чуть похоже.
Hey, lover boy!
Эй, женишок.
- You sure she went this way? - Yeah, I'm sure.
Она точно сюда пошла?
Да, точно.
You better be.
Смотри у меня.
Yeah, that was her snare we found back there.
Ну, мы же видели там ее силки.
Are you sure we shouldn't just kill him now?
Может, лучше сразу его убить?
Nah. He's our best chance of finding her.
Нет, тогда мы ее никогда не найдем.
Let's go.
She is almost at the edge.
она почти на границе.
Two kilometers away from the nearest Tribute.
2 километра до ближайшего трибута.
Let's turn her around.
Повернем ее обратно.
Cueing another. On my count. One, two...
Второй пошел, по моей команде, один,
She's heading towards the left flank.
Она движется к левой границе.
Okay. Can you give me a tree right there?
Sure. Cueing tree.
- Нарисуй мне там дерево.
- Конечно.
Вот вам дерево.
She's almost there.
Она уже на месте.
Lucia, get a cannon ready.
Люсия, приготовь пушку.
There she is! There she is!
- She's mine! - Not if I get her first!
- Where you gonna go? - Mine!
Fish out of the pond! And someone found her.
- There she is! - Yeah!
Here we go!
- Where you going, huh? - Get her, Cato!
Where do you think you're going?
Вон она! Вон она!
Where you going, baby?
Three o'clock.
- Where you going, Girl on Fire? - We got her!
Miss Everdeen, I'm gonna get you!
Куда ты, детка, а?
That's not gonna help you up there, Katniss.
Where are you going?
- Go get her, man! - You are so done.
Just get her, Cato!
- He's gonna get you, Katniss. - Look at her scurry.
Right up there.
- Kill her! - Just go, keep going!
- Go, Cato. - Come on, Cato.
- She's right there. - Go, Cato! Come on, Cato!
You got this.
Go! He's got this.
Это тебе не поможет!
- Kill her, Cato! Just get her, Cato! - Go! Go!
- Take her down! - Go! Go!
- You got this, Cato! - Come on, kill her!
Убей ее, Като!
I'm coming for you!
Come on, Cato!
Я иду к тебе!
I'll do it myself.
Сейчас я ее сама.
Give me that before...
- Get her. - Come on. Come on, come on!
- А ну дай сюда.
- Мочи ее, мочи!
Давай, давай.
Maybe you should throw the sword!
Метните в меня меч.
Let's just wait her out.
А выждать не проще?
She's gotta come down at some point. It's that or starve to death.
Спустится, рано или поздно, иначе помрет с голоду.
We'll just kill her then.
Тогда и убьем.
Somebody make a fire.
- Let's make camp over here! - Hurry up with the fire.
Разведите огонь.
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