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The only person who did seem to realize he had feelings was Corporal Whitcomb, who had just managed to bruise them all by going over his head to Colonel Cathcart with his proposal for sending form letters of condolence home to the families of men killed or wounded in combat.
Единственный, кто действительно понимал, что у капеллана есть нервы, был капрал Уитком, который успешно действовал на нервы капеллану тем, что через его голову обращался к полковнику Кэткарту с предложением рассылать официальные письма-соболезнования семьям убитых или раненых в бою.
The chaplain’s wife was the one thing in the world he could be certain of, and it would have been sufficient, if only he had been left to live his life out with just her and the children.
Жена капеллана была единственным существом на свете, которому он мог верить, и он просил у судьбы только одного: прожить с женой и детьми до гробовой доски.
The chaplain’s wife was a reserved, diminutive, agreeable woman in her early thirties, very dark and very attractive, with a narrow waist, calm intelligent eyes, and small, bright, pointy teeth in a childlike face that was vivacious and petite; he kept forgetting what his children looked like, and each time he returned to their snapshots it was like seeing their faces for the first time.
Жена капеллана была миниатюрная, сдержанная, покладистая, темноволосая, необыкновенно привлекательная, живая и изящная женщина лет тридцати с лишним.
У нее была тонкая талия, спокойные, умные глаза и мелкие, острые зубки, сверкавшие на ее детском личике.
Капеллан стал забывать, как выглядят его дети, и всякий раз, рассматривая снимки, испытывал ощущение, будто видит их лица впервые.
The chaplain loved his wife and children with such tameless intensity that he often wanted to sink to the ground helplessly and weep like a castaway cripple.
Капеллан любил свою жену и детей с такой необузданной силой, что ему часто хотелось пасть на землю и рыдать, как беспомощному, бесприютному калеке.
He was tormented inexorably by morbid fantasies involving them, by dire, hideous omens of illness and accident.
His meditations were polluted with threats of dread diseases like Ewing’s tumor and leukemia; he saw his infant son die two or three times every week because he had never taught his wife how to stop arterial bleeding; watched, in tearful, paralyzed silence, his whole family electrocuted, one after the other, at a baseboard socket because he had never told her that a human body would conduct electricity; all four went up in flames almost every night when the water heater exploded and set the two-story wooden house afire; in ghastly, heartless, revolting detail he saw his poor dear wife’s trim and fragile body crushed to a viscous pulp against the brick wall of a market building by a half-wined drunken automobile driver and watched his hysterical five-year-old daughter being led away from the grisly scene by a kindly middle-aged gentleman with snow-white hair who raped and murdered her repeatedly as soon as he had driven her off to a deserted sandpit, while his two younger children starved to death slowly in the house after his wife’s mother, who had been baby-sitting, dropped dead from a heart attack when news of his wife’s accident was given to her over the telephone.
Его неотвязно мучили кошмарные картины: фантазия рисовала ему жену и детей, погибающих от страшной болезни или от несчастного случая.
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