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The men played cards on a towel, undershirt, or blanket, and Nurse Duckett mixed the extra deck of cards, sitting with her back resting against a sand dune.
Пока они играли в карты на полотенце, на белье или одеяле, сестра Даккит, сидя спиной к дюнам, тасовала запасную колоду.
When she was not shuffling the extra deck of cards, she sat squinting into a tiny pocket mirror, brushing mascara on her curling reddish eyelashes in a birdbrained effort to make them longer permanently.
А когда не тасовала карты, косилась в карманное зеркальце и подмазывала тушью загнутые рыжеватые ресницы.
Occasionally she was able to stack the cards or spoil the deck in a way they did not discover until they were well into the game, and she laughed and glowed with blissful gratification when they all hurled their cards down disgustedly and began punching her sharply on the arms or legs as they called her filthy names and warned her to stop fooling around.
Иногда она ухитрялась спрятать несколько карт из колоды, и они обнаруживали пропажу только в процессе игры.
Когда, раздраженно отшвырнув карты, они колотили ее по рукам и ногам, обзывали разными нехорошими словами и требовали, чтобы она перестала дурачиться, сестра Даккит хохотала во все горло и вся светилась от удовольствия.
She would prattle nonsensically when they were striving hardest to think, and a pink flush of elation crept into her cheeks when they gave her more sharp raps on the arms and legs with their fists and told her to shut up.
Заметив, что игроки как-то особенно напряженно задумались, она принималась бессмысленно болтать, а когда они начинали еще сильней бить ее кулаками по рукам и ногам, требуя, чтобы она заткнулась, на щеках сестры Даккит разгорался счастливый румянец.
Nurse Duckett reveled in such attention and ducked her short chestnut bangs with joy when Yossarian and the others focused upon her.
It gave her a peculiar feeling of warm and expectant well-being to know that so many naked boys and men were idling close by on the other side of the sand dunes.
She had only to stretch her neck or rise on some pretext to see twenty or forty undressed males lounging or playing ball in the sunlight.
Her own body was such a familiar and unremarkable thing to her that she was puzzled by the convulsive ecstasy men could take from it, by the intense and amusing need they had merely to touch it, to reach out urgently and press it, squeeze it, pinch it, rub it.
She did not understand Yossarian’s lust; but she was willing to take his word for it.
Когда взоры Йоссариана и его приятелей устремлялись на нее, сестра Даккит упивалась подобным вниманием и радостно трясла короткой каштановой челкой.
Evenings when Yossarian felt horny he brought Nurse Duckett to the beach with two blankets and enjoyed making love to her with most of their clothes on more than he sometimes enjoyed making love to all the vigorous bare amoral girls in Rome.
Frequently they went to the beach at night and did not make love, but just lay shivering between the blankets against each other to ward off the brisk, damp chill.
По вечерам, когда Йоссариана одолевала душевная маята, он брал два одеяла и отправлялся с сестрой Даккит на пляж.
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